What if a painting could look back the visitor? An interactive AI extension for an existing artwork @ MSK Gent.




Present Judgement

For my third-year Digital Studio, I collaborated with Jens Demarest and Lot Peeters to develop "The Present Judgement", an interactive AI extension for an existing artwork. Our mission was to reinvent the traditional museum experience for the MSK Gent's museum night. We chose Rafaƫl Coxie's "The Last Judgment" as our foundation, aiming to explore the idea, "What if the painting could look back at you?" This concept led to an engaging installation where, instead of being judged for heaven or hell, visitors received personalized life advice, printed on a receipt for reflection.

Our journey involved numerous pitches, feedback sessions, extensive planning, and coding, culminating in our installation on December 7th at MSK. The project aimed to shift the viewer-artwork dynamic; instead of merely observing, visitors interacted with the artwork, receiving feedback through image recognition technology. We used Python, Azure, DMX, Sonic Pi, and ChatGPT to bring this vision to life, creating an experience that juxtaposes the definitive judgment of "The Last Judgment" with a moment for introspection and advice.


Present Judgement Present Judgement Present Judgement Present Judgement Present Judgement