I developed 'MOON,' an innovative app designed to serve as your personalized digital sleep companion.




MOON logo

For my third-year Digital Studio, I developed 'MOON,' an innovative app primarily designed for individuals with parasomnia. Drawing inspiration from the calming presence of the moon, MOON serves as a personalized digital sleep companion, providing tailored support and companionship to users experiencing sleep disorders such as parasomnia.

I spearheaded every aspect of MOON's development, from designing the user interface to conceptualizing the functionality and creating motion design animations.

Through a combination of innovative design and animation techniques, I brought MOON to life, providing users with a serene digital companion that watches over them as they drift off to sleep. MOON represents a fusion of technology and mindfulness, offering users a unique opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection with their sleep environment. With MOON, bedtime becomes a rejuvenating and nurturing experience, guiding users towards a restful night's sleep and a refreshed awakening.

MOON is customizable to each user's preferences, ensuring a tailored experience for all.